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Since 1968 trade with, import and export of all kinds of goods, especially products from the food and non-food sectors; investments; acquisition, management and sale of real estate.




NADAL® COVID-19 Ag Test (test cassette) REF 243103N-20

CareUS COVID-19 IgM IgG Introduction

CE DOCument of Humasis COVID-19 Antigene test kit

CE-IVD Registration_00154118_Genesystem GENECHECKER UF-300 CE-IVD

CE-IVD Registration_00154828_Genesystem SMARTCHEK

DE05de00136_af_ZV_COVID-19 Ag info_Rev03.02

GENESMARTCHEK Novel Coronovirus (SARS-CoV-2) Detection Kit

Humasis COVID-19 Antigene Test kit 1020

Humasis COVID-19 IgGIgM Test 1020

IsopolloR COVID-19 detection kit (real-time) presentation

M monitor Certificate of EU Product Notification

M monitor Certificate of ISO13485

M monitor presentation-compressed

Validation Report - SMARTCHEK Novel Coronavirus Detection Kit_rev 1.0-compressed